About Live Traffic Reports

Live Traffic Reports is a platform where we update road users in South Africa of important roadside incidents and road conditions.

The type of reports you will find on Live Traffic Reports includes:

  • Live Camera Traffic Updates (Cape Town, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal)
  • Notices about Road Closures
  • Accidents Reports
  • Protest Alerts
  • General Road Information useful to motorists
Brand New Look (Now also in Dark Mode):

The Live Traffic Camera Updates South Africa App was rebranded with a brand new look, cleaner design and easier to use. The app now also allow users to fine-tune which updates they see.

Location-based updates, video reports (which includes user-generated videos) are among the new features in the app.

The unrestricted release of video footage could impact the privacy of road users. The video footage may contain personal information governed by the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013.

Due to the confidentiality of the video footage it will only be released to the South African Police Service (SAPS). This typically is only done once a case has been opened for criminal investigation.

For assistance please contact the relevant SAPS station for the area in which the incident occurred and advise the investigating officer to contact the SANRAL Traffic Management Centre (TMC).

Only the investigating officer will be allowed to view the recorded footage at the TMC, following which he/she can request a copy thereof.

If you are in an accident on the Road Network, Please Call the SANRAL Emergency Number: 0800-726-725.

Yes. Anyone with a Live Traffic Reports profile can make a Report by logging into your Live Traffic Reports profile and click the REPORT button situated on your Profile / Dashbaord's home page.

Very Important: All reports will be publicly visible. The identity of the person who makes a report will NOT BE REVEALED. These reports are Strictly anonymous.

ABUSE: Accounts who abuses this feature (including false information about incidents or accidents) will lose the ability to use this feature.

You can provide your comments through the Contact Us gateway. To locate the Contact Us page, click on the icon which is at the top of every page on the Website.

Live Traffic and Roadside Information across South Africa. Live Camera Updates, Roadworks, Road Conditions, Alerts and other road-related info. Together, we make your journey safer!

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